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I’m melting!!!!

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blogheatI’m melting!!!! It’s hot as frack in Toronto today and humidity is about 90% so even stepping outside is like swimming in smogdirt soup!  My KFC commercial is showing a lot now and I even got to see it while watching TV with my folks which was a really nice time-spike for the three of us-dad even laughed out loud. I’m starting to get auditions for characters that actually have names which is cool. I just have to figure out how to stay awake in this translucent sludge they call air up here!

I know, I chose this life.

clownI have to be up at five tomorrow. I'm only up at five when I haven't gone to bed yet. And I'm going to be in a clown suit from 7am until 6pm in the sun in front of numerous child extras. I fucking hate clowns.  I know, be careful what you wish for.  I think I'm going to bed soon.

I know, I chose this life.

It’s definitely one of those laugh at you not with you moments.

yikesLife is over-whelming these days.  Not the big stuff, just the simple get out of bed and make it through the day stuff.  On a good note I shot a KFC commercial two weeks ago.  I was the over-weight 70’s ex-tennis pro suited up in extra tight gear taking his self way too seriously.  It’s definitely one of those laugh at you not with you moments.  Tomorrow I do my 2nd day on “Good Dog”, a new Canadian TV show.  I’m playing a party clown slash film executive who gets in a wrestling match with the star.  It’s my first legit TV gig after roughly 20 years in the industry, so why am I so completely far from excited?

Happiness is fleeting, said the Gulf of Mexican turtle.

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hohummmI want to complain but I can’t because all my problems add up to a hill of shit compared to what’s going on around me.  My wife wants kids and we can’t even afford a dentist!  I feel anxiety whenever I get phone calls or emails pertaining to acting work.  And my current skills set includes light catering, slow paced bartending, and assistant-to-the-handyman’s assistant.

“Act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you act.”- Bob Dylan
“Fuck.”- Scott Edgecombe

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