"Everyone's a little curious. . . aren't you?"

Got to work on “Murdoch Mysteries”

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scott-leslie-outGot to work on “Murdoch Mysteries” over the past two weeks with the great Leslie Hope directing me once again.  It’s safe to say that thanks to hope & Hope I got more coverage then any two-line dead guy day player in the history of “Murdoch Mysteries” or most of Canadian television for that matter…My favorite part was the awesome make-up that unfortunately I couldn’t wear home. My second favorite part happened when they called for background on set during a final shot and as I made my way over Leslie literally grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear, “Scott, stay here, you’re not background…”

Hanging with Zak Penn

zakpennI got to work on ALPHAS this past weekend.  It’s a new super-human-power type show by Zak Penn, the King of Super-hero scripts!  It was a tiny role but I got to watch a pretend suicide and I got to hang with Zak which totally rocked my planets.  He was very cool, completely down-to-earth, kind, and he promised me a cameo in “The Avengers”.  Okay, no cameo but he did give me a sip of his beer!!!

I got recognized

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kflogoI got recognized in the streets for the first time. As I was running my wife home to get to the bathroom on time-her not me- my lesbian neighbours stopped me to ask if I was “that guy” from the KFC commercial. I yelled a quick but humble “yes”, but I had to keep running as my wife was threatening to poop in the alley if we didn’t hurry home.  Ahhhh, life on the A-list.

My mother told me to ‘fuck off’

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EdgeFamily70Just got back from a week in Bermuda with my entire family for my mom’s 70th. There was 15 of us with shared housing. One brother-in-law crashed his scooter on the second day, I got a major sunburn through my shirt somehow, and my mother told me to ‘fuck off’ for the second time in her life…she was mostly kidding but I’m not.

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