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Today was the first day of actual shooting

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firstdayWow. And one more time, wow.  What a day. Today was the first day of actual shooting and we finished an hour ahead of schedule!!!  In film world that’s almost impossible from what I’ve been told  I started off really friggin’ nervous as I saw a crew numbering somewhere between 20 and 30 all gathered and working to make the story of my confused sexual deviance… The first few shots were pretty straight forward but that still didn’t help clear away all the insecure thoughts I was having as I feared failing in front of a large group peers donating their time!!!  But, thanks to Leslie who directed me with such a patient and nurturing hand and the fact that everyone was so cool and supportive, I was able to settle in and just do my job…and…wait for it…actually have fun…tons of it.  I’m tired.  I was in every shot.  Its only the end of the first day but the director’s happy…the producers are happy…so I’m going to try and sleep for a bit before I find a way to convince myself the adventure I just had was a one-trick fluke…
Did I mention that Kiki puked on my bed for me.  Kiki is one of my mother-in-laws four cats that I am sharing a room with…
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