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Coming to you from the smelly cat spare bedroom

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em005Coming to you from the smelly cat spare bedroom at my mother-in-law’s house in Century City (she says its Beverly Hills…it isn’t). First day on set but technically not our first day of shooting. Great cool studio owned by an even cooler woman.  She’s a total GILF, and European to boot, but before I take off on a sexy older woman tangent I must digress.  The studio was all white and looked like an Apple commercial. We shot the stills for the opening credits and I got to meet a few of the crew members.  All awesome. All way better at what they do than I am at what I do…fear is my friend, fear is my friend.  Kinda nervous around the DP (that’s industry code for Director of Photography, once known as Cinematographer)…Not because he isn’t cool, but because he’s done a lot of films I totally dig and therefore I suffer from lack of worthiness syndrome a little.  Its like Leslie (director) and Adam (producer) have assembled the A-Team and I’m the temp that showed up from party staff (bottom feeder LA based catering company I worked for too many times).  
All that bullshit Scott insecurity crap aside, I had a blast, the bosses loved what they saw, and despite the loud mattress and lingering aroma of cat urine, I’m so excited about tomorrow I can’t even rub one out…
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