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Make-up and hair tests…whatever those may be

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em007Day four in LA and the sun is back!  We’ve had two rehearsals, one wardrobe fitting and today we do make-up and hair tests…whatever those may be.  A free hair cut is always nice and perhaps some soothing lotion to open up my pores and take ten years off my aging face…wow, less than a week in LA and I’m already self-absorbed and worried about how I look!  I’m tired. I’m nervous. I’m excited. I’m scared shitless about doing a good job, and most of all I feel detached from just about everything I say or do.  Time spike. Is today a beginning or an ending or both?  After 7 months away I keep getting looks from the local shop owners…you know, those “hey, I know you or I think I know you but where the hell have you been?!” looks.  It’s reassuring to know that people, strangers and all, actually missed me in a random or subtle way.  I guess the word missed is a little strong, I guess its more like I am that lighter that went missing a while back but now that its been found again you suddenly remembered it was lost…Wow, as far as analogies go that’s pretty shitty! I miss what used to be but have to remind myself that its gone and all I have is what I create for the future, whether here in crazy LA or back in the conservative arms of chilly Toronto…
Crazy is as crazy does my friend…tru dat!
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