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Some kind of time bubble experiment

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em010Sitting at Swork in Eagle Rock and I feel like I am part of some kind of time bubble experiment.  Like I never moved away to Canada 7 months ago and today’s just another day that starts with Swork and ends with Polley and I playing Halo and bongloads on my super comfy Highland Park couch in my home that I miss just enough to drive by everyday.  We had our wardrobe fittings for GayKeith last night at Universal and it was interesting.  It felt a little like playing with some kind of twisted Mr.Dress-Up like trunk. I tried on costumes that everyone seemed to love and just aided in reminding me of how I am actually the fatter, Andre The Giant version of the person I used to be.  All the important people were happy with the results so I shall focus on the few things I know how to do and accept this all as part of a process… May the Swork be with you.
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