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em007Fuuuuuuccccckkk!!! I leave in three days for LA and besides the impending football game between my Baltimore Ravens and the Colts and my little sister’s poker night birthday party about 45 minutes away from home I have had very little time to focus on anything but the brewing arguments between my wife and I the growing knowledge that at least 50% of my waking hours are spent being an asshole  Sure, I don’t beat my wife or injure small animals but the things I am saying these days with a growing sense of detachment are getting colder, meaner, and worst of all, easier.  I’m not sure if it’s lack of sleep, stress over lack of money, or the ever present fears of failure that are impossible to hide when performing in front of a group of people that have sunk their time and money into something you are unquestionable an important part of…

Did a cog ever just tell the wheel I’m done and roll away without any repercussions?  I highly doubt it and know that I’m not that kind of cog but if Sandals approached me today with some kind of all-inclusive cog vacation in St. Lucia I’d be there in a minute.  I wonder if when this is all over I will be at the beginning of something or at the end?  And I’m not trying to be philosophically hip by asking that by the way…
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