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I would love to be the one to help re-direct someone else’s pain and/or confusion

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Finally feeling better but emotionally spent after watching the two-part two-hour season finale of D. Who last night.  I only discovered the show a few years ago and these were the final episodes with David Tennant as The Doctor and man did I cry like a baby when it was over.  He was my first Doctor.  If you know anything about the series of series than you understand what your first Doctor means to you…Sci-fi geekness aside I have to say that what Mr. Tennant and the writers did for me (in a round about way) is exactly why I started playing this whole entertainment industry game a little under twenty years ago.  I certainly don’t want to be famous as I cherish anonymity far too much and in a day and age of celebrity need-to-be’s I just want to reiterate that being recognized in any way out in public is the last thing I have searched for along this journey.  I’m too much of a bastard way too often when outside of my cave to ever want someone to know who I am without learning it through police records…

But I do want to impact and/or inspire the way so many performers and artists have impacted and inspired me throughout my life.  Dr. Who may not be the greatest example of past inspirations but the point is that throughout this elongated journey, movies, television, and theatre have so often guided me, one way or another, through difficult times…and if just once, whether it be through laughter, anger, or just tangential thought, I would love to be the one to help re-direct someone else’s pain and/or confusion.  Getting paid to do would be nice as well cuz cereal ain’t cheap!

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