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How Gay are you?

I think Martha Stewart is misunderstood.


hdfestDecember 2010

GAYKEITH gets HDFest's Awards for Best Comedic HD Short and Best Cinematography. GAYKEITH is also nominated at the Maverick Movie Awards for Best Short Screenplay:Leslie Hope, Best Supporting Actor:Ho-Kwan Tse and Best Original Score: Jeff Danna.


youtubechannelFebruary 2011

YouTube and Google ads make their way to GAYKEITH.
Views is what YouTube and Google look for when placing their own ads on channels, and GAYKEITH's popularity fit the criteria, adding web  revenue to its list of successes.



A series of 'short shorts' leading up to the release of GAYKEITH.
You've been seeing them all over the net and Here they are in one place. Check them out on YouTube where the world is watching.


I think Martha Stewart is misunderstood.

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I think Martha Stewart is misunderstood.

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