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A true artist should put that stereotype mentality in a can of shut-the-hell-up

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Still don’t know when I leave for LA and apparently casting Gay Keith is a lot harder than any of us thought… Which is kinda funny since there’s only two characters and one of them has been cast since this all started.  I guess a few actors that have been considered don’t like the Asian stereotype that the script delivers which is technically not a stereotype since it really happened with a real Asian person so stereotype or not its just the truth of a reality being called out for what it is…or was I guess.   Seems like everyone needs there own pedestal these days.  I figured with our current work climate someone would be happy just to get a chance to be on set and do their thing…its all just pretending anyway…well, pretending to be someone that is real…in this case at least.  Gay Keith chose to be Gay Keith, stereotypes or not and lets be honest here…stereotypes exist for a reason and if you don’t believe me, go ahead and wear your “Meat is Murder” t-shirt next time you visit Dallas and then we’ll talk…

Work is work and in this recession/depression/depressing I personally feel that a true artist should put that stereotype mentality in a can of shut-the-hell-up and save their political stance’s for hunger, peace, and children…did I mention that its not a stereotype if it really happened?!  I’m pretty sure that’s what scientists call facts…

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