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…it’s a big floating Scott head

yikesMood: Holy Shit!
Got the one-sheet for Gay Keith today.  One-sheet is fancy-schmancy industry jargon for a movie poster.  It’s a big picture of my head.  I mean, there’s a lot of art and colours and lines and shades and stuff but due to my current value of my self all I see is a big floating Scott head and since looking in the mirror ranks pretty low on my daily routines I can’t help but not want to linger on it very long.  This isn’t too say the person who created it didn’t do a great job cuz she did according to those whose heads aren’t on it…And I can totally respect good work and good art and good efforts but man…it’s a big floating Scott head and my head is big enough and present enough everyday without me having to see it on a friggin’ poster. 

I wonder if Tom Hanks looked at the movie poster…sorry, one-sheet for BIG and thought… “Jesus Penny, its just a big floating Tom head”.  Its really red too (me, not Tom), which makes sense and all but being a red head combined with the obvious anger/fire/rage associations I tend to avoid surrounding myself with a colour that’s permanently attached to me…my mom did my colours at a young age…I’m a Fall…how gay is that?

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